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By Frosty Wooldridge
February 13, 2005

Former Colorado Governor Lamm said, "Of course immigration has
been good for America, but mass immigration during the
twenty-first century brings America far more liabilities than

While Bush pretends to carry out his oath of office, Americans
flee this immigration invasion. In 2003, 800,000 Californians fled
their own state.

Tens of thousands of Americans fled Miami, Florida years ago with
the Cuban invasion. If you live in New York, 1.5 million
immigrants cannot speak English. Texas sounds and feels like a
foreign country. With millions of illegal aliens and legal
immigrants refusing to speak English, is this still America? What
does the future hold if we allow our country to become a polyglot
of cultures and languages? The short answer is--misery for all of
us as our nation cracks up like Humpty Dumpty. Once that happens,
"All the king’s horses and all the king’s men will never put
Humpty Dumpty together again." Bottom line is, Bush and Congress
are running Americans out of our own country. We're becoming a
separated country.

This is one Californian’s story:

Jane Powell said, "After living in Southern California for 56
years, we are "fleeing" this tarnished state. I was born here and
believed I would never leave family and friends, but California’s
policies have resulted in intolerable living conditions that have
pushed my husband and me to seek a more livable environment.
California’s generous welfare system and the federal government’s
refusal to limit immigration and to stop illegal immigration have
over-crowded Southern California so that social systems and
infrastructure are unable to handle the heavy population burden.
The near future, no doubt, will see Southern California become a
third-world territory. The once "golden" state has become
tarnished beyond recovery by massive immigration."

As if the constant gridlocked traffic and air pollution in Los
Angeles weren’t enough, the physical results of the population
increase on the design of the area are obvious. Open space has
been converted into malls, cookie cutter homes and roads. One and
two story buildings have been replaced with multiple-storied
structures, and single family residences have been replaced by
multiple-family dwellings. The result is greatly increased
density. California grows toward an added 20 million in 30 years.
Who in their right mind thinks 20 million more people added to the
Golden State is good? If you do, you may make an appointment for a
shrink! I’ll pay for it.

"A more pedestrian-friendly environment is unrealistic in Southern
California, where people live, work, and shop in different parts
of the metropolitan area," Powell said. "Automobiles are essential
in Southern California, so an increased population means lots more
cars. While rush hours on our freeways used to be two hours in the
morning and evening, the rush hours now extend from six in the
morning to eight at night.

During those hours, the freeways are tight with traffic. The
thirty-minute drive across town now takes an hour, if no accident
has occurred. With so many autos on the road, smog is on the rise
again after having been dramatically decreased in the 1980s."

A sobering aspect of Powell’s experiences finds harsh realities by
the fact that California adds 600 cars to its highways and 1,500
new people every 24 hours—all due to immigration, both legal and
illegal. Time Magazine exposed the borders being overrun at 10,000
nightly. They must go somewhere. California harbors over three
million illegal migrants.

More frightening is the fact that millions of people line up to
come into America from around the world and that line increases by
85 million annually. Therefore, nothing is solved, but California
has become a living manifestation from the movie, "BLADERUNNER"
with Harrison Ford or "SOYLENT GREEN" with Edward G. Robinson and
Charlton Heston. "Schools are bursting at the seams with too many
students," Powell said. "New students are added weekly with many
different languages represented.

This diversity of language skills affects the speed at which the
teacher can cover material and affects the subject content as
accommodations are made for the new students. In addition, many
immigrant groups demand that the history of their cultures be
given as much time as United States history."

Our nation’s classrooms suffer dumbing down to fit the levels of
education from millions of kids of other countries. Those
immigrants kids find themselves ‘graduated’ out of high school
with no ability to read, write or think past the level of a third
grader. No First World country can long exist with such an
illiterate population.

"Hospital emergency rooms are so crowded that their effectiveness
has been dramatically altered," Powell said. "Persons without
health insurance use emergency rooms as clinics for coughs,
stomach aches, and fevers. Emergency rooms carry an enormous
burden with increased population."

Not mentioned by Powell is the terrifying fact that 16,000 new
cases of tuberculosis have been imported into the United States in
the last six years. Another 7,000 new cases of leprosy spread
throughout the USA. Tens of thousands of cases of hepatitis "A"
roam across the land inside the bodies of unscreened illegal
aliens. Chagas Disease, a T-cruzi parasite that affects 14 million
people in South America and kills 50,000 per year make their way
across our unguarded borders. Even more terrifying is the fact
that California suffers three million illegal aliens and their
kids attend public schools—thus, placing American kids at greater
health risk for these diseases. Last year, four major hospitals
bankrupted in Southern California. How many more will fail in

"The huge population shift has also changed the stores available
for consumers," Powell said. "Many fine department stores have
been replaced by discount stores. Quantity has replaced quality to
accommodate the increasing lower economic class. The types of
small-businesses are shifting as well. While the boulevards used
to be filled with hardware stores, appliance repair shops, and
nurseries, we now see a barrage of beauty shops, nail salons, dry
cleaners, juice bars, and mailing stores.

The quality of shop has decreased with the lower skill levels of
shop owners."

Consider, also, the stores that cater solely to the "new"
immigrant population. Three Korean markets have opened within
three blocks along the main street of her former town. They cover
their windows with signage meant to attract only Korean customers.
Long-time American residents are pushed out of their Southern
California towns.

With increased density and diversity, long-time residents also
notice an increase in non-conforming behaviors. Public areas, such
as parks, beaches, and restrooms, are now filled with litter,
graffiti and crime due to the habits of the new population. Third
World males regularly urinate in public as is their custom in home
countries. This manifestation of Third World Momentum grows
throughout America while it does not touch our members of Congress
and other elites. They live in gated communities with bodyguards
and insulation not available to us. Powell continued, "When so
many of a particular immigrant group come to an area in a short
period of time, they do not feel the need to conform to the
already established behaviors; they are comfortable maintaining
their own customs and behaviors. The result is that the American
values and behaviors that long-time residents have held so dear
are disappearing."

Finally, the stress levels of day-to-day living have greatly
increased as more patience is required to handle the diversity.
When one enters the public arena, tolerance is needed for every
transaction. Stress builds, and few people in Southern California
are smiling or pleasantly interacting with others. The demand for
patience simply wears people out.

These people no longer are Americans, don’t speak English, don’t
have any investment in being an American. They’re building their
own separate city-states within America’s borders.

"No doubt, those entering Southern California at this time may not
feel the same stresses that I feel after having lived here for 56
years," Powell said. "I know what California once was, and I have
witnessed its dramatic decline. This native-born Californian,
along with many friends, is "escaping" and heading for a safer,
saner environment."

You may multiply this story in towns across America as we endure
15 to 20 million illegal aliens breaking our laws, breaking into
our society, overwhelming our schools, overrunning our hospitals,
sucking off our welfare systems, growing drug gang distribution
system, water crisis, stealing jobs from our poor, depressing
wages, working off the books, avoiding taxes, living 20 to a house
and arrogantly forcing us out of our own states toward safer
havens more inland. Makes for a heck of a statement by Bush when
he says, "They come to do the jobs Americans won’t do."

Yeah, right Mr. Bush since you are not one of the 15 million
Americans unemployed nor do you have to live in this American
Dream now turned American Nightmare. Why not talk with Jane Powell
for her personal opinion of your presidency. It may go down as one
of the worst, most incompetent presidencies in the history of the
United States of America?

Why? Because you didn’t do the job you swore on a Bible to do and
that was to serve the Constitution and American citizens. You did

Write for that 28-point action letter to stop this
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