California milage tax

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California's real problem is a zillion tons of emisions from the zillion tailpipes in the state.  Dozens of  blends of gasoline tailored to different urban areas is a problem:  Not being able to build power plants (something electric cars need) because of  tough air polution standards is a problem:  Countless exempt vehicles putting out many times their share of  polution is a problem;    The economic damage done to the state's economy by polution(and well intended laws to limit it) is the major problem.

The niche market for elecrics is mostly limited to tree huggers who would otherwise be driving a 40 mpg gas econobox.  The damage done to roads (and the road budget) by tree huggers switching to a 60 mpg hybrid is chump change compared to the problems electric cars solve.  If the state was smart they'd give them free plates and registration too.


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And what "problem" with electric cars?  They cause as much wear and tear on roads as gasoline ones.  Shouldn't they pay their share?

Only in smog choked California would someone be trying to head off the growing "problem" of  electric cars.


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