California milage tax

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Thu Feb 17 19:19:38 MST 2005

>California's real problem is a zillion tons of emisions from the zillion
>tailpipes in the state.

How many, exactly, is a zillion?  10 E 15, 18, I'm not sure.  Google is 10
E 100.

Could the atmosphere actually support a zillion tons of anything?  wow -
must be really heavy.

>The niche market for elecrics is mostly limited to tree huggers who would
>otherwise be driving a 40 mpg gas econobox.  The damage done to roads (and
>the road budget) by tree huggers switching to a 60 mpg hybrid is chump
>change compared to the problems electric cars solve.  If the state was
>smart they'd give them free plates and registration too.

Hmmm - up above, you criticize exempt vehicles, and now you want us to
exempt others from fees.

Whiplash trying to follow you!

I also didn't say road damage - I said wear and tear.  If someone is going
to use the road - that same someone should pay his or her fair share.

Stick to the topic and leave the red herrings for other exchanges.

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