California milage tax

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On Thu Feb 17 21:59:08 PST 2005, Jim
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> Quinn also touched on something else that makes me suspicious  >
> of these hybrid cars.  Electric cars have a lot of batteries in >
> them.  Those batteries have to be replaced every few years.    >
> Sure you might save on gas, but how much more are you going to >
> spend on batteries?

Allegedly, said batteries will be rechargeable and have a
shelf-life of 5 - 10 years. Don't quote me on that, though. I
haven't verified that claim, so it's speculative, at best.

> Also what is to be done with all the old batteries?  No matter >
> what is done with them they will present a huge problem.

Not as much so as when lead plates were used inside the things,
Jim. Today's batteries are supposedly "more
environmentally-friendly", whatever that means.

But, you do have a point. Even without the lead content, the
scrappage presents a problem to a certain extent. Personally, I'd
rather see a conversion to alcohol as fuel. This way, alcohol can
be made very cheaply from anything - even garbage. The conversion
is very uncomplicated and inexpensive, as well. The best advantage
is there would be no loss of performance, whatsoever. Most of us
on this list - no matter what age - could probably outrun an
electric vehicle.

Before anyone asks - yeah, I'm an overgrown, immature, middle-aged
hotrodder at heart. But, so what?


John Q.

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