California milage tax

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Remember we are talking about  California.  They have already regulated the "problem" of alcohol.

Just adding 10% ethanol isn’t that simple. Note a few pages into the advisory is defines 5 periods for the 15 various air basins when the volatile content of gasoline is controlled. Further in the document it lists 5 digit daily fines for violating the blending requirements. No small wonder that at the height of last summer’s price gouging , refineries in California were sending some of their blends out of state for sale.

Blends likeE85 and M85 (85% ethanol or methanol) is a different can of worms. Use of MTBE to oxygenate gas for urban areas has gone from being allowed to required to banned in just a few recent years. It’s not just gasoline, control of diesel blends is an issue too.

I spent the last few days checking out CARB (California air Resources Board)  and am now conviced more than ever that California deserves all its problems.


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> >scrappage presents a problem to a certain extent. Personally, I'd
> >rather see a conversion to alcohol as fuel. This way, alcohol can
> >be made very cheaply from anything - even garbage. The conversion
> >is very uncomplicated and inexpensive, as well. The best advantage
> >is there would be no loss of performance, whatsoever. Most of us
> >on this list - no matter what age - could probably outrun an
> >electric vehicle.
> Doesn't that come from decaying plants or something. I had though it was
> very easy to produce.
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