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Hee Hee Hee.  Looks like they S**t in their mess kit.  I hope someone
else makes good use of the offer.

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 21:20:39 -0700 Jim
<jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET> writes:
> Yesterday if you listened to Quinn in the morning you heard him talk
> about
> a website called  It is a site done up by
> some
> liberals who take delight in making fun of the soldiers, sailors,
> airmen
> and marines who have been injured in Iraq.  Of course Quinn had
> nothing
> good to say about the site and those who created it.  A little while
> ago I
> started listening to his show from this morning and he mentioned the
> site
> again.  He went on about how the whiners at the site were crying
> censorship because the company that had been hosting it gave them
> notice
> that it would be taken down.
> A few minutes ago I went to see the site for myself and found the
> following text.  Look at the page yourself, whoever put the graphics
> up
> there has a sense of humor.  Here is the text that is now at
> ERROR: Website Not Found!
> Site Gone Bye-Bye!
> Forsake The Troops is no longer a customer of SMIS Hosting. Their
> website
> is no longer hosted by our company. We intitally gave them the
> courtesy of
> more than 24 hours' notice to terminate their account, but due to
> their
> threats and vile behavior, which violated our TOS, they were removed
> as of
> 5pm on Thursday, February 24th, despite a grass-roots campaign to
> attempt
> to flood our e-mail boxes and telephone lines with cries of "Save
> our
> Ship!"
> We don't normally air business matters with clients in the public,
> as we
> believe in respecting clients' privacy, however, Forsake The Troops,
> led
> by Scott Vogel and Laurie Vogel, chose to bring their business out
> in the
> public by way of threats and obscenities towards us. We find it
> tasteless
> that they felt that the fact the owner of SMIS has a biracial child
> is
> something to be used against him.
> We apologize to the many people who were offended, and thank those
> who
> wrote in to complain, giving us the documentation to show that the
> Internet community did not appreciate their presence.
> Furthermore, Forsake The Troops has chosen to refuse to honor an
> outstanding bill for some services. The money isn't of concern to
> us,
> though it costs money to run the servers, we have many customers who
> are
> good, decent people and pay their bills on time.
> However, due to their outstanding balance, we have seized their
> domain
> name, which they purchased through us as a third-party domain
> reseller.
> Therefore, we would like to offer the domain name to anyone who
> feels that
> any good can be served by it, though the name is vile and
> disgusting.
> Though they owe us money, we feel that it would be a good cause to
> donate
> the domain name to a Veterans' group, or some similar organization
> that
> can make some good come out of the name.
> If you are with an organization that could benefit from this
> domain,
> please e-mail us through the link below.
> An added bonus, besides the domain being used for good, is that
> nothing
> would anger the Vogels more than to see this domain pointed to a
> veteran's
> group or pro-military site. We would like to see this domain used
> for
> good.
> We welcome your comments and inquiries about this client and the
> domain
> name at service at You may also contact us through
> our
> website at
> Below are some links that we feel are appropriate at this time:
> US Army
> Military.Com
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