Best laugh I've had this year (fwd)

Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Fri Feb 25 03:59:59 MST 2005

This is every bit as funny as the man says it is.

Just to be safe, I put a copy on my server.

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Subject: Best laugh I've had this year

Beerily beloved,

this may become the most forwarded message of all time; I just got it
from John Varley.  Hope you haven't already received it TOO many times,
but I had to pass it on.  I laughed so hard I frightened the cat.

Don't listen to this if anyone you love is asleep nearby.  They will
smack you.


An operations manager for Jack in the Box was late for a meeting and
called his boss to tell him he was running late. As he was leaving the
voice mail message, he witnessed an accident and went on to provide
"play by play" of the incident. This is the actual voice mail message.
It was forwarded so many times within Jack in the Box, it crashed their
voice mail server.



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