site gone bye bye

John blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET
Fri Feb 25 06:40:01 MST 2005

Jim Quinn addressed this issue on this morning's show. It's likely
that the site has been hacked.

John Q.

On Fri Feb 25 03:27:52 PST 2005, Rob Loach <rob at IVMAN.COM> wrote:

> You wrote:
>> Yesterday if you listened to Quinn in the morning you heard him
>> talk about
>> a website called  It is a site done
>> up by some
>> liberals who take delight in making fun of the soldiers,
>> sailors, airmen
>> and marines who have been injured in Iraq.
> Jim,
> I just tried going to the site, and it is now the site of some
> guy named Michael Crook. There was nothing there like what you
> described in your message to the group. It looks like a White
> Supremacy site now. Hmmm....
> Rob

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