Anti-"anti" rant

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Sat Feb 26 08:47:29 MST 2005

As if I need another reason to hate the "anti" crowd, the local NIMBY environmentalist wackos are trying to stop an evil non-profit conservatory from advancing plans to ruin our environment with dastardly windmills.

I'm familiar with concerns about windmill farms in Californai killing bats(and that's a problem?), but until I read the paper this morning  I was unaware that windmills here in PA will lead to ".......a  possible increase in the victimization of golden-winged warblers by parasitic cowbirds."

Basically some folks who built their dream houses on a little postage stamp of land see the use of surrounding land as a threat  to their property values.   Their arguments that the clearing of land,  plowing of access roads, and  blasting of rock for foundations threatens wildlife and ground water  are limited only to use of the surrounding land.   It goes without saying that similar blasting, clearing, and plowing related to the construction of their houses did not harm the environment.

The drop of electricity that is going from my keyboard to your screen right now originated in a nuke plant near Berwick PA that was built in the 70's.    Wonder if any of these  "environmenatalists" will consider an alternate source of energy in their back yard such a bad idea  10-20 years from now?

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