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Turkish Press

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Soros foundation charged in Kazakhstan with tax evasion
AFP: 12/28/2004

ALMATY, Dec 28 (AFP) - The Open Society Institute of billionaire
US financier George Soros has been charged with tax evasion in the
former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan, police said here Tuesday.

A spokesman for the tax police, Ruslan Tlemisov, said the
institute which promotes civil society and good governance
throughout the world had not paid 623,000 dollars (458,000 euros)
in taxes.

He said charges had been laid and the case would be heard in the
district court early next year.

"The court may fine the foundation in addition to the (unpaid
taxes) and avoiding the payment may lead to the cancellation of
the licence of the foundation," Tlemisov said.

Soros has come under attack throughout the former Soviet bloc for
his alleged support for the overthrow of post-Soviet Georgian
president Eduard Shevardnadze last year.

The Open Society Institute has been banished from Belarus and
Uzbekistan, and its activities were severely curtailed in Russia
in November last year over a complicated property dispute.

Soros himself was splashed with water and glue by two protesters
as he addressed a human rights conference in Ukraine in March.

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