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Fri Jan 7 20:14:22 MST 2005

Sue, not only does the sawbones dispense meds, he *MIGHT* (key
word, of course) even get commission for pushing certain kinds. My
wife, an RN for 26 years, tells me "you don't know the half of
it." That kinda talk turns my knees into jelly, personally.

I do know for sure that publik screwel nurses got "rewards" for
upping the Ritalin distribution for a few years (during the
Klinton Regime). Seems to have gone away (for now, at least). One
can never be too sure that something similar isn't just over the

Let's get this Yates broad hooked on Ecstacy. Least ways, when she
gets fried, she'll be having the time of her life during the whole

Just Sick, Aren't I?

John Q.

On Fri Jan 07 14:55:17 PST 2005, Sue Rojas
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> I agree with you. I mean think of it this way, what if you were
> wrongly convicted of a crime. Would you want public opinion to
> dictate your fate, or for the judge to see the error of the trial
> and release you. As you said, it may be distasteful, but in order
> to preserve our own right to a fair trial, she must be retried
> As a side thought, the guy that gave incorrect testimony is a
> doctor. Can you imagine?  Frightening to me is that he dispenses
> meds.  yikes
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>   My first reaction was pretty much like yours, Jim, but then
> comes the BOZO expert prosecution witness and his testimony about
> a Law and Order show that never was.  This guy really floated a
> turd in the punch bowl.  I think the drowning pool is reserved
> (or ought to be) for BOZOZ at the moment.  The judge probably did
> the right thing, as distasteful as it is.  But dear, poor, old
> Andrea still needs a wet sponge on head and a set of electrodes
> to finish off the ensemble. Try her again. NEVER LET HER GO!
>   Jim <jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET> wrote:
>     A judge in Texas overturned Andrea Yates conviction of
> murdering her
>     children. The judge who did this deserves to be drowned just
> like those
>     babies that Yates murdered.
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