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Sat Jan 8 15:59:58 MST 2005

That is Hillariuos Rob.

On Sat, 8 Jan 2005 05:16:39 -0500 Rob Loach <rob at IVMAN.COM> writes:
> re: What's wrong?...
> I have not been posting lately - too much going on - but I have been
> lurking and enjoying some of the discussions.
> I received a party invitation the other day, and I pass it on below
> as I received it.
> Rob
> ***
> Party Invitation
> You are Invited!!!!!
> Due to the cancellation of the Inaugural Ball for
> Senator Kerry...There will be a small Soiree'
> (pity party) for those who have already bought their attire.
> The nights' entertainment will be provided by the
> DIXIE CHICKS & Bruce Springsteen.
> Tissues for excessive self pity will be furnished by
> Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins.
> We are pleased to announce DAN RATHER will be our
> Master of ceremonies!!!
> Yeah!!!!
> Cameron Diaz has pledged CUPCAKES!!
> What's this?....a Free Screening of Fahrenheit 911!
> Thank you, Michael Moore.
> Ashton Kutcher will sign his latest book... "I Open My
> Mouth...and Stupid Falls Out."
> P Diddy will not be in attendance; he is still trying
> to get the vote out. If you see him, tell him that he
> was not "disenfranchised" from this event. He can
> come home now.
> Barbara Streisand is preparing for her next role and
> will not be here, (boo hoo); she will be starring as
> Teresa Heinz Kerry in the sad story of "Shove It."
> Ted Kennedy will be tending the bar (of course). He
> demanded a contract first. Serve one, drink two.
> Serve two, drink four.
> Just in....Sour grapes will be provided by the Heinz
> Corporation. Cheese is available with the whine.
> Larry Flynt will be taking "official" photos.
> Terry McAuliffe will be making an appearance - but
> only at the window - on the outside looking in.
> George Soros will arrive in a gilded chariot pulled by
> eight white horses.
> Teresa will be stunning in a jeweled hospital gown.
> She is coming directly from "election" surgery - had
> her lips stapled!
> Susan Estrich, being picky about her diet, will be
> bringing her own crow.
> John Kerry will be flippin the burgers...flipping is
> something he has proven to be very good at.
> Lots of ketchup folks - the white house has donated
> thousands of bottles of Heinz relish, mustard, and all
> the pickles too. A spokesman reports they have
> switched to an alternative brand.
> Attention all actors: Norman Lear is casting for his
> new television show "Fahrenheit 11-2-04 - how'd the GOP
> do that?"
> After counseling guests on moral issues, the Reverend
> Jesse Jackson will be sweeping up.
> Hope to see you all there...not much else going on.

"Wherever the real power in a Government lies, there is the danger
of oppression." --James Madison

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