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New Hampshire General Court

New Hampshire General Court
2005 House Introduction List

HCR 0001





A RESOLUTION urging Congress to withdraw the United States from
the United Nations.

SPONSORS: Rep. Albert, Straf 1; Rep. Matthew Quandt, Rock 13; Rep.
Hawkins, Hills 18; Rep. Buhlman, Hills 27; Rep. Headd, Rock 3;
Sen. Boyce, Dist 4; Sen. Roberge, Dist 9

COMMITTEE: State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs


This resolution urges Congress to withdraw the United States from
the United Nations.




In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Five

A RESOLUTION urging Congress to withdraw the United States from
the United Nations.

Whereas, the United States is the greatest nation in the world and
is known for its compassionate people who are generous and kind in
caring for the needs of those in other countries and whose
resources are used worldwide to alleviate hunger and poverty; and

Whereas, the United States is called upon to defend the rights and
freedoms of people in other nations as only we have the capacity
to do so as a world superpower; and

Whereas, these responsibilities create an immense burden on the
citizens of this country, many of whom are in need and living in
poverty themselves; and

Whereas, United States military forces are called upon to bear the
brunt of any conflicts that may arise while other nations stay on
the sidelines and expect the United States to fight its battles;

Whereas, the United States provides the largest share of the
financial burden for the United Nations, paying hundreds of
millions of dollars each year that could be used to address many
of the nation's challenges, including homelessness, education, law
enforcement, poverty, a strong military, and the war against
terrorism; and

Whereas, many of the members of the United Nations are not
friendly to the United States and support many things that are
detrimental to the country and against its interests, yet expect
the United States to provide the finances and manpower to solve
all of the world's problems, even putting the lives of the
nation's military forces in danger; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring:

That the New Hampshire general court respectfully but firmly
requests that the United States Congress:

I. Take measures to dissolve the membership of the United States
in the United Nations, thereby freeing the nation from a large
financial burden and retaining its sovereignty to decide what is
best for the country; and

II. Take the steps that it considers appropriate as the leader of
the free world, with full control of its armed forces and destiny;

That a copy of this resolution, signed by the speaker of the house
of representatives and the president of the senate, be forwarded
by the house clerk to the President of the United States Senate,
the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and the
members of the New Hampshire congressional delegation.

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