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You'll need to connect your tape deck or turntable's output to the input
of your computer's sound card.  This is usually somewhere on the back of
your computer.  If you're using a turntable you may need a preamp. Some
cartridges produce a signal that's not strong enough for the sound card to
use it.

Next you'll need some software to handle the recording.  Goldwave is a
program that's good for this.  Before you start the recording make sure
the software is set for 44.1khz resolution.  Be sure to set the stereo
option if your source was recorded in stereo.

When you think you're ready, make a test recording of a few seconds to
make sure you have all the settings right.  Once you're satisfied you've
got the settings right, record the tape or album.

There are some programs that are good at removing the surface noise from
your recording.

Once the recording is done, it will be ready to burn to CD.  Most CD
writing software is fairly easy to use and there are several to choose



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> That would be Mr. Nantz's forte, actually........step right up,
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> >> I have one of his records but my player needs repair before I can
> >> rip it
> >> to cd.  I played the clarinet stick in HS band.
> >
> > Does any one know what is needed to put records & cassettes on
> > the
> > compute and transfer them to CD?
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> > Thanks,
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