John blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET
Thu Jan 13 06:11:42 MST 2005

On Thu Jan 13 03:24:16 PST 2005, Rob Loach <rob at IVMAN.COM> wrote:

> You wrote:
>>> Not too many know this, but the broadcast of known forged or
>>> phony information with any eye toward affecting the outcome of
>>> a federal election race is a *FELONY*! As such, it carries with
>>> it the penalty of a *MINIMUM* 20 years in a federal penatentury
>>> (like
>>> where Web Hubbell and Jim Traficant went). If you ask me, the
>>> people at See-BS were shown incredible mercy.
>>> John Q.
> That's exactly what I was thinking, John. So now, whose        >
> responsibility is it to prosecute the C-BS folks for their     >
> felonous act?

Off-hand, Rob, I'd have to say the Federal Elections Bureau. Just
a guess, though.

> Or perhaps a better question, will it *ever* happen?

Bet the rent, the answer is *NO*! It's a sucker's bet. Just as
nothing will happen about the 10k phoney registrations found in
Philadelphia. Somewhere (and I can't recall the details for the
moment - maybe it was Washington, DC) a judge ruled that it was
okay for homeless people to register listing City Hall as their
legal residence. Unreal!

John Q.

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