"Rather Has Ruined CBS." - Rather' former boss

John blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET
Fri Jan 14 16:10:59 MST 2005

Maybe they should rename it the 6:00 Evening Propaganda.


Jan. 14, 2005

Ex-CBS News President Can't Stand Rather
Former CBS News president Van Gordon Sauter said Thursday that Dan
Rather's liberal bias has so permeated the "CBS Evening News" that
even he can't stand to watch anymore.
"I stopped watching it some time ago," the ex-network news boss
writes in today's Los Angeles Times. "The unremitting liberal
orientation finally became too much for me."
Sauter, who ran the Tiffany network's news division in the early
1980s, said he still checks in from time-to time, but "less and
less frequently." Instead, "I increasingly drift to NBC News and
Fox and MSNBC," he said.
The former news exec said this week's firings of four CBS
employees in response to the Rathergate scandal exposed the real
problem for network news:
"A large swath of the society doesn't trust the news media," he
contended. "And for many, it's even stronger than that: They abhor
the media and perceive it as an escalating threat to the
If the erosion of public trust isn't stopped, warns Sauter,
viewers will look elsewhere for their news product.
"Those readers and viewers most comfortable in the center -- will
try to find something ... in the center," he argues.
But that could lead to "a lot of scrupulously impartial ... news
sources, managed by research-driven executives who find it a good
marketing approach."
Ultimately, says Sauter, "banality will trump opinion."

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