Out there

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Sat Jan 15 23:12:04 MST 2005

That's nothing Jim...

On Monday, while I was on vacation.  One of our local "Worlds Most Stupid
Criminals" steals a truck, then burglarizes a commercial building,
because he has a bad crystal meth habit.  During the commission of the
offense, he suffers a heart attack and dies.  I love this type of
criminal.  It might mean more paperwork for me, but we don't have to take
him to trial or feed him in our local Jail.  Just last year, officers
noticed a "suspicious person" near an apartment complex, known for its
high drug activity.  The perp sees the officers and heads for the nearby
creek, where he proceeds to swallow a small clear baggie containing a
white powdery substance.  Officers then head down to the creek and take
him into custody.  They take him into custody and basically drag him up
the embankment of the creek.  At one point, an officer is heard to say,
"He's not breathing..." or words to that effect.  This stupid suspect
ends up choking to death (or affixiating) on the baggie of cocaine which
accidently lodges in his windpipe.  This is a good suspect :-)


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