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Mon Jan 17 17:04:30 MST 2005

How Mad Are You Now?
By Marty Lich
Jan 13, 2005, 22:22

How mad are you, American public?

I guess we'll find out.

How concerned are you, American public?

I suppose we will see.

How much do your value YOUR heritage, American public?

I rather reckon we will determine that one way or the other won't

Are you mad enough to speak up? To call, to write? Are you
enough about the United States of America to not wait in the
sidelines for someone else to take care of it?

How much do you value your American heritage? You may be of
European, Asian or Native American background, but again I ask
how much do you value your heritage in the United States of
Not sure what heritage means? Here, the dictionary definition of
word heritage.

Heritage is a noun. Heritage means the following:

a) Something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor :
b) Something possessed as a result of one's natural situation or

If you have been quietly waiting for "someone else to speak up"
because A) you own a business, B) your neighbors are Spanish, or
it doesn't make a difference to our government, I am going to
you that you are wrong on all three accounts.

By doing nothing and waiting for that someone else to do
and by you calling me, writing me, and telling me in the street
"glad you are I am doing something", how "brave I am" to speak
how you support me 100% but you cannot do /say/act on anything
because you own a business, have Spanish neighbors, or figure it
doesn't matter to our government, you are selling our country,
heritage, and our laws down the river. You do realize that don't
You cannot be so blind as to NOT see what is happening in our
country. This is not Mexico's country, not Latin America, but the
United States of America. Our multi-national, diversified,
American country.

This is what our president has to say. This statement is exactly
I, a staunch Republican, did NOT vote for him this year. You see,
am a terrible RINO. That would be Republican In Name Only, just
case any of you're interested. I am a fabulous patriot and a firm
believer in our country, our Constitution and our laws. These are
being mocked by our president.

Read for yourselves what he thinks of America and American
opinions in "Immigration Plan" which was published by the

"A solution is not instantaneous citizenship. The solution is
something more rational than that," said Mr. Bush, leaning forward
his armchair and putting his elbows on his knees.

The president expressed confidence that he can persuade reticent
members of Congress to move on his immigration bill, recounting
he has succeeded on issues that faced staunch opposition in the
"Remember the tax debate? It seems like history tends to repeat
itself," Mr. Bush said, leaning back in his chair.

I am glad our president is resting comfortably, confidently, in
lofty chair. Are you resting comfortably in yours?

Once again, I am going to ask you. What are YOU planning to do
it? Yes, you.

Not me, not Tom Tancredo, not Mr. Sensenbrenner; but you - The
American public. The taxpayer. Do you realize the implications of
this guest-worker program? It will be a Family Reunification
designed to reunite illegal workers with their families in the
States of America. All babies born here will be citizens, with
ability to grant United States citizenship to numerous extended
family members who now live outside of the United States. Thus
term "Anchor babies." Each taxpayer pays, on average, $7,000 per
child per year for enrollment in our schools. Each guest worker
be eligible for all welfare benefits. They will all have Drivers
Licenses. How many more vehicles will be on YOUR streets? Count
your car insurance rates jumping, due to the increased risk of
accidents because of heavier traffic and associated risks. What
be your personal impact? Trust me on this; you will be impacted.

Our congressman here in Colorado, Tom Tancredo, had this to say,
"People who have felt this way for a long time but have bit their
and have held their tongue now have a reason - they can be

Are you outraged? Yet?

How outraged? Outraged enough to call, toll-free, your congressmen

Appalled enough to call your senate, toll-free, at

Angry enough to call your president at one of the following?

  a.. The White House comment line: 202-456-1111
  b.. The White House switchboard: 202-456-1414
  c.. The White House Fax: 202-456-2461
Voice your opinion. Take a look at the Terry Anderson Show. Call
Terry at his On-air toll free phone number, (866) 870-5752 or

Write in to your newspapers. All of them. Repeatedly.

As they say, "Speak now, or forever hold your peace." In other
words, put up or shut up. Do not cry to me when the next 9-11
happens, your taxes have tripled, your child cannot get into a
college, or your local hospital has closed and so your beloved
family member died while being transported elsewhere. I am sorry,
but I will not want to hear it.

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