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         Monday, Dec. 27, 2004 4:36 p.m. EST

Steve Forbes: Expel 'Murderous' U.N. From New York

New York City is too good for the "privileged, pampered"
bureaucrats of United Nations, notes Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief
of Forbes magazine.

Ship the corrupt globalists to the corrupt Third World, he urges
in his column in the Jan. 10, 2005 issue.

"The poverty and backwardness of Port-au-Prince, Haiti or Lagos,
Nigeria or Dar es Salaam, Tanzania or Addis Ababa, Ethiopia would
serve as daily reminders" of the taxpayer-supported U.N.
parasites' "years-long record of murderous failure and moral
turpitude," he observes.

Forbes is, however, a realist. "It won't happen," he admits.

After all, where would the internationalist fat cats dine and park
their limos?

Editor's note:
# The U.N.’s Dangerous Agenda – read NewsMax’s special report –
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