7 Day Forecast...........

John blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET
Tue Jan 18 21:12:47 MST 2005

Man, it's colder 'n' a well-digger's......er, ah..........ankle
here in Western Penn's Woods. It's 3 above zero (actual) at the
moment. 'Course, Jimmy knows this since he listens to Quinn & Rose
every day. Last night in a town called "Embarrassment, Minnesota"
(whadda name, eh?) it got down to minus 54.......that's *ACTUAL*,
friends, not the wind-chill, either.

You couldn't pay me enough money or drugs to live there. You'd
need plenty of both to forget why you're stupid enough to waste
your life in such a frigid tundra.

More Ovaltine? Hahahahahaha!!!

John Q.

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