"Dem Liberals"

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Sun Jan 23 15:19:28 MST 2005

>October 12, 1813 -- Birth of Senator Lyman Trumbull (R-IL), author of
>Republican Party's 13th Amendment banning slavery, and of Civil Rights Act
>of 1866 granting full citizenship to African Americans
>October 22, 1868 -- While campaigning for re-election, Republican U.S.
>Rep. James Hinds (AK) is assassinated by Democrat terrorists who organized
>as Ku Klux Klan
>February 3, 1870 -- After passing House with 98% Republican support and
>97% Democrat opposition, Republicans' 15th Amendment is ratified, granting
>vote to all Americans regardless of race
>February 25, 1870 -- A former slave, Mississippi Republican Hiram Revels,
>becomes first African-American U.S. Senator
>Yep, those hateful, sexist, racist Republicans!!!

Back in those days, weren't the Democrats the Conservatives, and the
Republicans the Liberals?

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