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Mon Jan 24 10:46:53 MST 2005

    Houston Chronicle

"Citing his brother Tony's work as a Houston SWAT officer,
attorney general nominee Alberto Gonzales told the Senate in
writing Tuesday that he supports extending the expired federal
assault weapons ban.' I worry about his safety and the types of
weapons he (Tony) will confront on the street,' Gonzales said.
'The president has made it clear that he stands ready to sign a
reauthorization of the federal assault weapons ban if it is sent
to him by Congress. I, of course, support the president on this
issue.' Anti-gun groups criticized President Bush during the
campaign last year for failing to press for an extension of the
ban. Gonzales also said he wants Congress to reauthorize the
Patriot Act this year, despite complaints that it is too
intrusive." (01/19/05)

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