USA embarrassed, N-BS following C-BS down the sewer

Rob Loach rob at IVMAN.COM
Sun Jan 30 14:52:33 MST 2005

You wrote:
>Preliminary numbers on the Iraqi turnout erases all doubt about the success
>of the Iraq invasion and the desire of Iraqis for freedom. This is an
>indisputable vindication of the Bush policies and confirmation that us
>stupid red state voters really did know what we were doing. Congratulations
>Iraq, USA and UK (and up yours UN, France, Germany and Russia)

Yes, indeed, I would say Iraq is welcoming its new freedom. Hope it's here to stay for them. We may need them someday to rescue the US from the bondage of political correctness and liberalism to which we could be quickly heading.

>On the down side, the preliminary voter turnout in Iraq is estimated to be
>72%+ in a country where the very act of voting could (and has for 31
>reported so far) get one killed. This is the first open election in Iraq's
>history and even women were lined up to vote. In the US where voting is
>less dangerous then crossing the street, the 2004 turnout was less then 60%
>and that was the highest in decades. Shame on the USA.

We thought it was particularly shameful for Tim Russert to have as his guest this morning - the very day of the voting in Iraq - John F'ing Kerry! He had Kerry on, fully knowing that Kerry would have *nothing* good to say about Bush, the war, the voting in Iraq, etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum - which is exactly what it was - ad nauseum. I was urgently asked to turn off the TV by my dear wife who didn't want to risk throwing up at the breakfast table. And the mainstream media continues to be balanced and objective in reporting news, not editorial, don't they. GAG!!!

One of the things that spewed out of Kerry's mouth was that the Iraqi election could not be considered legitimate since not everyone would be voting. I said to my wife, before her nausea set in, that we could probably only hope to have as a high turn out in this country as would go to the polls today in Iraq! Then you, Dennis, send the figures I was expecting to read. Most interesting and sad.

I'm **SO** sick of liberals puking their venom all over the place. Did anyone watch Meet the Depressed to the bitter end this morning to see if Russert brought anyone in as the opposing point of view. I'm not holding my breath as I await an affirmative on that!


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