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The Associated Press
Tuesday, July 5, 2005; 6:43 PM

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Rick Santorum compares abortion to slavery in 
his new book "It Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common 
Good," which is promoted as an alternative to the views of Sen. 
Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The book by Santorum, R-Pa., was in some Washington bookstores on 
Tuesday. It describes his evolution from a young politician 
uncomfortable with abortion to a major player in the anti-abortion 

It tackles subjects ranging from home schooling to welfare reform, 
and advocates family over what he describes as the big government 
village in Clinton's 1996 book, "It Takes a Village."

"The African proverb says, 'It takes a village to raise a child,'" 
Santorum writes. "The American version is 'It takes a village to 
raise a child _ if the village wants that child.'"

Santorum, chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, is 
sometimes touted as a possible 2008 presidential candidate. Books 
outlining a politician's philosophical views often precede 
campaign announcements.

He could face a tough re-election battle in 2006. Early polling 
shows him behind state Treasurer Robert P. Casey Jr., the favorite 
to win the Democratic primary.

In the book, Santorum makes the case that abortion puts the 
liberty rights of the mother before those of her child just as the 
liberty rights of slave owners were put before those of the 

"This was tried once before in America ... But unlike abortion 
today, in most states even the slaveholder did not have the 
unlimited right to kill his slave," Santorum said.

Santorum questions why Clinton and other liberals tout abortion 
numbers decreasing if abortion is OK.

"When you look at the politics she would change, her 'politics of 
meaning' boil down to little more than feel-good rhetoric masking 
a radical left agenda," Santorum said.

While first lady in 1993, in a philosophical address at the 
University of Texas at Austin, she called for "a new politics of 
meaning" and said the country should pay more attention to its 

Clinton, D-N.Y., declined Tuesday through a spokeswoman, Lorrie 
McHugh-Wytkind, to respond to the book.

But T.J. Rooney, the Democratic party's state chairman, released a 
statement saying Santorum is out of step with the state and "every 
Pennsylvania woman in particular should be offended."

Santorum said early in his career he was reluctant to take part in 
the anti-abortion cause, but an impassioned speech by then-Sen. 
Bob Smith, R-N.H., helped change his mind.

"You see, all politicians know that when you engage in any 
traditional values issue, especially abortion, the news media 
immediately labels you ... Adjectives like intolerant, rigid, 
far-right, mean-spirited, extreme, hard-line and zealous will 
routinely be used to describe you," Santorum said.

Santorum also describes his views on a variety of other subjects:

_ ON ABSTINENCE: "When I have attempted to increase abstinence 
funding ... I have been scolded for 'trying to impose religious 
values on children.' As if telling children to go ahead and have 
sex all they want as long as they use a condom is not a value 

_ ON AGE SEGREGATION IN SCHOOLS: "It's amazing that so many kids 
turn out to be fairly normal, considering the weird socialization 
they get in public schools."

_ ON STAY-AT-HOME MOMS: "Respect for stay-at-home mothers has been 
poisoned by a toxic combination of the village elders' war on the 
traditional family and radical feminism's misogynistic crusade to 
make working outside the home the only marker of social value and 

_ ON WELFARE REFORM: "The notion that college education is a 
cost-effective way to help poor, low-skill unmarried mothers with 
high school diplomas or GED's move up the economic ladder is just 

The 449-page book was published by Intercollegiate Studies 
Institute, which is described on its Web site as a national 
educational foundation.


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