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India is proposing {in a trade} the U.S. be allowed to move banks 
into India, and export tariffs on some farm products...   Inbox

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 India is using the WTO so that they can send unlimited numbers of 
workers to the United States:

     India might work on better market access to its partners
     only if other countries are willing to liberalise Mode 4
     and Mode 1 under the GATS (General Agreement on Trade in

The esoteric sounding Mode 1 and 4 that India is trying to 
liberalize is the part of the GATS agreement that among other 
things defines the "Movement of Natural Persons". Mode 1 refers to 
the entry and temporary stay of human laborers for the purpose of 
providing "services" for employers.

To find out more about "natural persons", read this article: 

In past newsletters I have warned that India was preparing to use 
WTO negotiations to open up our borders with India so that they 
have unlimited access to our labor market. These trade deals are 
now in process. Discussions are being made behind closed doors and 
will be hidden from our Congress and the U.S. media.

India is proposing that in a trade, the U.S. will be allowed to 
move its banks into India and export tariffs on some of our farm 
products will be lifted. The U.S. part of the deal will allow 
India to have unlimited H-1B visas to send their people here to 
take jobs. Simply put, India will allow U.S. farmers to sell a few 
bags of rice to India as long as we are willing to sacrifice tens 
of thousands of our high paying domestic jobs to the hoards of 
Indian workers that are waiting to enter the U.S.

So far India is unhappy that the U.S. hasn't agreed to unlimited 
H-1B visas. It's unlikely that any of the U.S. trade negotiators 
are the least bit concerned for the safety and welfare of U.S. 
citizens so a more likely explanation for this impasse may be that 
the U.S. Trade Representative is holding out for more concessions 
from India. Our jobs are being used as international bargaining 

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