One of the Surinam Subjects Blast Ms Twitty

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Thu Jul 7 01:26:38 MDT 2005

I love it.  Finally one of them stepped up to the plate and chastised Ms
Twitty for being their judge and jury.  Ms Twitty had no right to declare
them guilty and/or that nations not give them sanctuary if they were to
leave the island of Aruba.  The press vultures are preying on this
missing white girl, because it will surely raise their ratings.  Let me
see them do the same to a black girl that goes missing outside the US and
I'll believe that they are not just looking for ratings.  The national
tabloid news programs need to stop their attack on Aruba, trying to force
them to conform to our form of justice.  They seem to forget that Aruba
is a sovereign nation, and NOT subject to our jurisdiction or form of

I believe that if the members of the national news believe that Aruba is
so lacking in their form of law, that maybe they should pressure
President Bush to invade Aruba and declare the island property of the US.

Greta Vansusteren's ratings go up while she gets a free/working vacation
in Aruba.  Man, the life of a press vulture must be tough.


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