7-8 Explosions in Downtown London - On Buses and Subway Trains

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Thu Jul 7 04:31:56 MDT 2005

Initial casualty count shows to be 90, but this will most likely rise. 
Some feel this may have been the Irish Republican Army (IRA) or Al Queda.
 No one has taken credit as of yet for the explosions.  This has clearly
been a coordinated attack.  These attacks appeared to have been timed to
take place during the G8 summit.  British troops are manning the streets.
 Reports of double decker busses having their entire top being ripped off
by the explosions.  At approximately 0615 hours CDT, Tony Blair will
speak from the G8 summit.  Apparently there was no warning prior to the

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