Acting Above The Law - Like The Clintons?

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[Folks: This incident *MIGHT* actually be funny if it weren't so 
pathetic! I never had much of a taste for making a complete fool 
of myself in public even when I was young and *VERY* impulsive! - 

Trinity candidate arrested after concert
BY KATHIE O. WARCO, Staff writer

kwarco at

A candidate for Trinity Area School Board and her husband were 
arrested Saturday night after allegedly creating a disturbance at 
the P-G Pavilion.

Ivy L. O'Rourke Rodgers, 27, and Jason A. Rodgers, 28, both of 813 
Weirich Ave., Canton Township, were arrested by Hanover Township 
police near the main gates of the concert venue as the crowd was 
leaving the Toby Keith concert. Ivy Rodgers won both the 
Democratic and Republican nominations in the May primary for a 
seat representing Canton Township.

While in handcuffs and shackles at the jail trailer used by police 
at the pavilion, Ivy Rodgers reportedly picked up chairs and threw 
them into the wall, damaging an electrical socket. Police said she 
and her husband were extremely intoxicated.

Hanover police Officer Eric Allen, in a complaint filed with 
District Justice Gary Havelka, indicated that he saw two men 
getting ready to fight. The men continued to argue even after 
Allen, who was working undercover, approached and identified 
himself as a police officer.

When uniformed officers responded, Jason Rodgers and Matthew David 
Ryan, 21, of 23 Cowden Road, Burgettstown, were arrested for 
disorderly conduct.

Allen said Rodgers became belligerent and defiant and swore and 
screamed at officers as they escorted him out in handcuffs.

Rodgers' wife also started to yell and swear at officers, 
according to an affidavit.

When Allen identified himself and asked her to leave the area, she 
responded that she did not have to listen to police. She then 
reportedly told officers, "You don't know who I am. I'll have this 
fixed. I'm on the school board," according to the affidavit.

After being warned several times to leave, she also was taken into 

The couple were taken to the jail trailer at the pavilion, where 
police had to put a spit mask on Jason Rodgers because he was 
spitting in the direction of officers.

Police later released them to family members and friends, with 
charges to be sent by summons.

Ivy Rodgers is charged with institutional vandalism, public 
drunkenness and two counts of disorderly conduct. Jason Rodgers is 
charged with public drunkenness and two counts of disorderly 
conduct. Charges were filed Tuesday at Havelka's office. A 
preliminary hearing is set for July 28.

Repeated attempts to reach the Rodgers Tuesday were unsuccessful.

Police said they arrested or issued citations to more than 120 
people during Saturday's concert and another 98 on Sunday.

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