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> Never let the truth get in the way of political objectives. 
> Anyone > want to bet their next pay check that the left will spin 
> this as  > being the fault of the US?

Dennis, we all know that's a sucker's bet. The left will attempt 
to frame this any number of ways - depending on what they feel 
they can get away with. *HOWEVER*, it is becoming more obvious 
that the Koran-toting sub-humans seek to eliminate *ALL* of 
Western Society and Western Culture. As Michael Savage has said, 
the Muslim goons resent the laxness of Western Culture. To them, 
we have no moral standards. To an extent, it's somewhat true. Gay 
rights, wife-swapping (almost at will in Hollyweird), nothing 
traditional is valued or considered "sacred", if you will. The 
Muslim kooks see too much personal freedom and virtually no 
personal responsibility. This is what our pop culture is made of - 
what it reflects and what it says about us to others. Never mind 
that many of us outright reject that slop. The outsiders only 
understand what they see.

John Q.

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