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John blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET
Fri Jul 8 06:28:25 MDT 2005

On Fri Jul 08 04:52:54 PDT 2005, "Stephen A. Frye" 
<s.frye at VERIZON.NET> wrote:

>> Never let the truth get in the way of political objectives. 
>> Anyone want to bet their next pay check that the left will spin 
>> this as being the fault of the US? If we were not in Iraq this 
>> would not have happened (but don't ask them why 9/11 happened 
>> when we weren't in Iraq and clinton had spent the previous 8 
>> years ignoring terrorist attacks on the US).
> He did NOT ignore them. In fact, he promised each and every    > 
> time that the terrorists would be punished!

Empty rhetoric...........Clinton's an appeaser and they knew his 
fingers were crossed each time he promised punishment.

> He just forgot, each and every time, to follow through with    > 
> that.  He must have been busy doing other things.

Cigar, anyone? <big wink!>

John Q.

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