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STOP the FTAA Newsletter

July 2005


You Can Play a Decisive Role in Defeating CAFTA!

On June 30th, CAFTA squeaked through the Senate by a margin of 54 
to 45. But
with the decisive battle for CAFTA taking place in the House as 
early as
next week, its going to be too close to call.

Which is why it is imperative that you jump into the heat of the 
battle today!

Your actions will have a direct impact on the outcome of this vote 
America' s future. Talk to your Representative, and ask for his or 
commitment to vote "NO!" on CAFTA. Get started right now by 
reading and
following the suggestions from the following alerts: Five
<> Good 
Why You Need to Convince Your Congressman to Vote NO on CAFTA!, 
<> to 
"Five Good
Reasons Why You Need to Convince Your Congressman to Vote NO on 

It will only take you a few minutes to help your representative 
decide the
future of America . Make them count!

<>  CAFTA's Role in the 
Movement for
Open Borders

Learn how CAFTA would lay the groundwork for open borders for the 
States. Watch The War on the  
Border .

July Links for CAFTA and the FTAA:

<> Senate Approves CAFTA
AP (via MSNBC) - June 30, 2005
On Thursday the Senate approved CAFTA by a vote of 54 to 45. Next, 
the House
is expected to vote on CAFTA in mid- to late-July. The vote in the 
promises to be a real cliffhanger

Threats to U.S. Independence - June 29, 2005
With supporting quotes directly From
ection_Index.html> the CAFTA agreement as publicly available on
Also, a  
online letter to Congress against CAFTA based on "CAFTA's Threats 
to U.S.
Independence" was posted today.

<> Five 
Reasons Why You Need to Convince Your Congressman to Vote NO on 
CAFTA! Action Alert Email - June 29, 2005
Celebrate the Fourth by Helping to Preserve American Independence! 
Your help
is urgently needed to convince a majority in the House of 
Representatives to
vote NO on CAFTA.

"Five Good Reasons Why You Need to Convince Your Congressman to 
Vote NO on
CAFTA!" Action Alert Email - July 1, 2005
Now the battle shifts to the House, which is expected to vote on 
mid- to late-July. The relatively close Senate vote provides 
that we can defeat CAFTA in the House. The House vote is projected 
to be too
close to call, so your success in persuading your representative 
to vote NO
on CAFTA could be decisive in this battle to preserve American 

Bad for Your Health
The New American Online - July 11, 2005
Do you take vitamins and nutritional supplements? Do you want a 
synod of
sickly Euro-socialists deciding which ones you can take, or 
whether you'll
be able to take any of them at all?

1345_pf.html> Democrats Shifting Away From Trade Pacts
The Washington Post - July 6, 2005
The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) is moving toward 
a House
vote and many Democrats are vowing to vote it down. The fact that 
are shifting away from free trade agreements has become evident 
with the
recent Senate vote on CAFTA. Out of the 54 "yea" votes, only 10 
came from
the Democratic Party.

8fc97530bde987257034002108f5.txt> Letter to the Editor: Each month 
we post a
letter to the editor from newspapers nationwide asking Americans 
to realize
the threat posed by the FTAA and CAFTA.

<> Order a STOP the FTAA 
Kit! Would you like a simple, effective way to spread the word 
about the
FTAA threat? The Starter Kit contains everything you need from
conversation-starting buttons, to pass-along cards, pamphlets, and 
a bumper

<> Learn more about the STOP the FTAA campaign's 
The John Birch Society has influenced millions of Americans toward 
Government, More Responsibility, and -- With Gods Help -- a Better 
over the past 46 years.

ANTI-FTAA Resolutions

Share in the success of Utah, Indiana, and Arizona. Urge your 
legislators to support a resolution to Congress in opposition to 
the FTAA.
Not sure how to get started? Follow this model
(Utah's H.R. 9) and become the next state to pass an anti-FTAA 

passed an anti-FTAA resolution in April! - Arizona State 
Legislature - April
19, 2005
Both houses of the Arizona state legislature have approved House 
Memorial 2006 that urges "that the United States Congress vote no 
on any
agreement for the United States to enter into a Free Trade Area of 
Americas (FTAA)." This Memorial will be transmitted to the 
President of the
U.S. Senate, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, and 
member of Congress from Arizona.

<> Utah 
Indiana have already passed anti-FTAA resolutions
Each month, more state legislatures are considering anti-FTAA 
including Idaho (HJM004), Illinois (SR0138), Maine (LD 1135), 
Montana (SRJ
23), New Hampshire (HR 10), New Jersey (ACR 210), and Pennsylvania 
(HR 64).


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