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Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Tue Jul 19 03:31:32 MDT 2005

I think the words "Vice President Santorum" have a nice ring to them.   Heck of it is he faces a serious re-election threat this time and may soon become former Senator Santorum.   The '06 Senate race will be the one to watch.   Not because he may loose, but because the Dem that threatens him is the pro-life pro-gun son of  the late Governor Casey.

Two conventions ago, the Dems wouldn't even let Casey Sr step to the podium.  Now the anti-Santorum left is getting so excited about Casey Jr beating him in "06 that they are turning themselves into "moral pretzels"(trademark Coulter), then again when haven't they?  Can you imagine Hillary crossing the PA border to campaign for her fellow Dem?  Or Ted Kennedy?  

Let the show begin!!!!!!!

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