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John blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET
Tue Jul 19 06:35:35 MDT 2005

Michael Savage (and several other pundits) have been saying for a 
long time that the left is digging a hole for itself that will 
become inescapable by virtue of their shrill, hateful discourse 
and "win-at-any-cost" attitude. If I were Santorum, I wouldn't be 
losing any sleep over it.

John Q.

On Tue Jul 19 02:31:32 PDT 2005, Thomas Matiska 
<tom.matiska at ATT.NET> wrote:

> I think the words "Vice President Santorum" have a nice ring to 
> them. Heck of it is he faces a serious re-election threat this 
> time and may soon become former Senator Santorum. The '06 Senate 
> race will be the one to watch. Not because he may loose, but 
> because the Dem that threatens him is the pro-life pro-gun son of 
> the late Governor Casey.
> Two conventions ago, the Dems wouldn't even let Casey Sr step to 
> the podium. Now the anti-Santorum left is getting so excited 
> about Casey Jr beating him in "06 that they are turning 
> themselves into "moral pretzels"(trademark Coulter), then again 
> when haven't they? Can you imagine Hillary crossing the PA border 
> to campaign for her fellow Dem? Or Ted Kennedy?  Let the show 
> begin!!!!!!!
> Tom

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