Those peaceful moslems

Jim jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET
Fri Jul 22 00:15:57 MDT 2005

Those peaceful moslems are at it again.  Maybe it's time the British 
people showed the moslems in the UK the same peace, love and 
understanding the moslems have shown them.

Then again it may have already begun.  I heard a group of British youth 
beat a moslem to death not long after the first raghead bombing in London.

Supposedly during the American revolution legend has it some British 
soldiers put all the people of one village into a church, locked the 
doors from the outside and set fire to the building.  Perhaps it's time 
for them to do this with a few mosques on whatever day it is moslems go 
to the mosque.

Jim Quinn once said that we should bomb the madrassas while the kids are 
in them.  His reasoning for this was that the kids who attend those 
schools learn to be terrorists and they'll end up coming for us.

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