Softening on eminent Domain?

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At 12:01 AM 7/23/2005, you wrote:
>See? Only a week into the Supreme Court decision about eminent domain and 
>already they are sweetening their offers...Oh!  Wait!  Only for their 

This looks like a non sequitur. I don't see the connection between this 
proper use of eminent domain (questionable offering not with standing) and 
the absurd SCOTUS decision rewriting "public use" into "government 
benefit." Please explain where Columbia is turning over the acquired 
property to private use? Aren't roads consider public use any more?

>         "Posted on Thu, Jul. 21, 2005
>State doubles offer for official's land
>The Associated Press
>COLUMBIA - The state doubled its purchase price on a tiny tract of land in 
>order to get Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer to sell property needed for a road 
>project in Irmo.
>The state Transportation Department paid Bauer $130,000 for a tenth of an 
>acre after Bauer held out for more money, according to records The
>Greenville News obtained under the state's Freedom of Information Act. 
>That higher price came as a highway commissioner and state senator 
>attended a meeting with Bauer and a Transportation Department staff member.
>Bauer says he had no special treatment in the deal for buildings and
>property bought a decade ago, before he first held public office. Bauer
>makes a living buying and selling property.
>Bauer bought a quarter acre near Irmo in 1996 for $52,000. He says it is 
>now worth $250,000.
>"There was no special treatment, and the sales price I received was far 
>less than I would have accepted from any other purchaser," Bauer said.
>"Unfortunately, when the government takes your land, you have no choice 
>but to sell ... even if you're an elected official."
>Public officials were aware of who they were dealing with..."
>And WHAT VALUE was he paying tax on?
>   (Says $60K in later part of article)

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