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Dudley D. Doright f16rsdad at JUNO.COM
Sun Jul 24 11:08:37 MDT 2005

There's a poll right now on CNN's website about NRA's decision to
relocate the Annual Convention from Columbus, Ohio after the city passed
the recent ban on so-called "assault weapons".
(located on lower right-hand corner of page)


How would you describe the NRA's decision to move its convention 
because of the host city's assault weapons ban?  (choose "a bullsey")

1) A bullseye (choose this one)

2) A shot in the foot

Please take the time to vote in this poll and by all means, please pass
this message to everyone on your distribution list that supports the
Second Amendment.

As of 8:45am the poll is 45% (A Bullseye) to 55%(A Shot In The Foot) with
over 88,000 votes.

Keep in mind that this is CNN.  This is ENEMY territory folks!  Do not be
discouraged by the numbers.  Just pass this message around and let's get
the troops on their feet(or keyboards).  Please post this message on
discussion forums and anywhere else we have allies.  We have until the
end of the day to turn the numbers around.  If we allow the numbers to
remain as is, then we will have given CNN permission to broadcast these
numbers and spread their propaganda.

Fights On!!
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