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 	Are Liberals Unpatriotic? Yes.
I'm often asked if I think liberals want to destroy society.

Well, yes and no.

And I'm often asked if liberals are unpatriotic. To this, I 
yes. Yes, they are, beyond a doubt.

Think of liberal lip service; it is used as a stalling tactic. 
Like the mensrea following the commission of a crime, liberal 
effects depend largely on going undetected for as long as 
possible. Stock fraud manipulators use the same tactic: postponing 
or ignoring objections, delaying answers to shareholder due 
diligence shareholders have a right to investigate. Stonewalling, 
you might call it, is common, and in the form of lip service in 
politics, it's not often seen for what it is. Lip service from the 
left is part of larger movement to discourage resistance in this 
country - to stall debate - while progressive programs move 
forward with apparently no objection on the record.

Critical thinking is the best countermeasure of the average Joe 
and Josephine Taxpayer. Critical thinking means persevering and 
insisting on answers, and with no answers, one must necessarily 
presume, then, that a betrayal is operating.

Here is the evidence that clinches the case.

#1: All for Nothing. Liberals carp on issues that destroy and get
nothing done. Liberals hate more truly than anyone they accuse. 
I've believed that racism would die a natural death of old age if 
liberals didn't resuscitate it hourly. In the case of eminent 
domain handed down of late by the Supremes, much of the substance 
of the complaint rests with the fact that past seizures of 
property were based on terribly vague plans that rational people 
would not find clear and convincing, and in many cases when 
property was ultimately seized, even the clearest plans were never 
even begun. Thus, of course, the very basis for the filing 
evaporates and the property was lost for nothing. Just another 
example of coercion, and for what?

This is one of the best ways to sum up liberal or so-called 
Progressive endeavors, and their results over decades. For all the 
excuses, policies, arguments, it's all for nothing.

Liberalism destroys and doesn't build. As I'd mentioned in my 
piece, liberals will never again build anything. They are the 
takers of society. To grow all of this for political gain is 

#2. Stealth Objectives. Liberals cannot trust fellow Americans.
Liberal media, officials and sympathizers think so little of their 
fellow citizens. In their formulas of interference, intrusion and 
imposition - all justified by the manufacture of crises, which 
lead to solutions that generate more crises - liberals succeed in 
reaching another goal, something stealth, which blindsides the 
nation. (They call it unintended consequences, but let's not be 
foolish: they get what they want: permanance.)

An example of this is in Education, where a centralized agency 
imposes more and more demands for money, but seems to accomplish 
less and less. Yet, there is a distinct advantage (for liberals) 
in making a generation of less educated kids: it justifies the 
claim for more money.

How does it work?

Parents see only a snapshot of time for as long as their kids are 
in school. Kids will be out soon and the short years kids are in 
any one school seems almost not worth the argument. But over 
decades, administrations can sneak in undesirable content, 
unwelcome indoctrination and more so that when we compare the 
educational level of the fifties to that of 2005, we see a 
tremendous fall in achievement. And that as the very excuse for 
more money. War on crime, war on poverty, you name it. They all 
eat money and do really nothing.

Liberals create problems in order to be the ones to call for 
answers. That's unpatriotic.

#3. Liberals exempt themselves. Why? Because as they view 
injustices in society in need of intervention, they do not see 
themselves as the cause. As such - in their mind - they are not 
among the named accused, so they don't believe themselves subject 
to the law they wrote. Instead, they see themselves as the 
Champions. They block out, forget or otherwise lose track of the 
origin of the problem, usually their interference from earlier. (I 
have my own theory on liberal anger and motivation.)

An example of lip service is that when they make the indictment, 
their use of the word "we" is prevalent. They say we are all to 
blame, but when it comes time to observe the rule they wrote, the 
word disappears and is replaced by "you". Maybe it becomes so easy 
to make this shift when you know darned good and well that the 
crisis is artificial, and not really there.

#4. Discouraging resistance. Resistance in America is a national
societal value. It's so powerful and righteous that we even resist 
on behalf of others. Liberals do not do this.

Let me say that again: Liberals do not resist on behalf of 
They do not give a damn about others. They use others.

Liberals interfere, obstruct, obfuscate, confiscate and lie not 
for the benefit of others, but on behalf of themselves; They 
actually believe that's what politics is all about, gain. (With a 
sprinkling of genuine public service.) They don;'t realize that 
service is others first, yourself second. The clue is the record 
that the so-called beneficiaries never really receive the benefit 
of the interference or underhandedness the liberal justified in 
lip service.

The Civil Rights Amendment was obstructed by the Democrats, 
through nevertheless by the Republicans. The Republicans attempted 
it a hundred years earlier, too, at the inception of the 
Republican party, but were frustrated by the Democrats. The 1965 
movement was a great idea (lip service) but when it came time to 
deliver, the Democrats' bluff was called and they moved to stall 
it's approval (obstruction). This tactic repeats itself throughout 
liberal politics, beginning from the time of Lincoln, from violent 
crime to education to liberty.

Which brings us to...

#5. Erasing history and silencing opposing views. Through legal
filings, lies and general intimidation, unpatriotic persons are 
quick to deny Americans the American way of majority rule, honest 
debate and due process. Their's is not just another an enemy who 
is not working for common goal anymore but differing on method (as 
they announce in lip service), but an enemy working for an 
entirely opposite goal (as is evident in their total record).

On of the greatest clues of how liberals hate America so much is 
how they brazenly side with our enemies and indicate they view the 
situation in law enforcement terms instead of tactical terms of 
immediate reality. Remember that when liberals claim to work on 
behalf of others, there is a stealth objective underneath.

Here is the key to how we handle the unpatriotic from now on.

First, we take leftist opposition seriously not as another 
opinion, but for what it is: a stealth movement against America. 
It is time to understand and accept that liberals are not 
patriotic Americans merely differing with the sensible on method, 
but individuals with an axe to grind who make it clear by their 
actions that they differ on objectives. Liberals do not want what 
Americans want.

Second, we commit to go forward without them. Their own excess 
baggage and hatred of everything we stand for will never allow 
them to cooperate. This necessitates Americans' becoming partisan 
once again, a return to unabashed patriotism. It's not unseemly or 
bad etiquette to be partisan. The liberals have been having a 
partisan field day for forty years - after having convinced 
everyone else not to be partisan.

And third, we never cooperate with them again. The time for that 
has passed, as they have squandered our good faith and used us for 
our good will. We understand much more clearly now since the 2004 
election that America is a majority of conservative persons with 
values much healthier, happier and more constructive than the 
inner anger and underhandedness of Democrats. We understand much 
better now through comparing notes nationwide and even worldwide 
what we have in common happily and on the kind of country we 
really want: one of fair play, ethics, intact and clearly defined 
family, and a non-interference directive in every aspect of our 

Are Liberals unpatriotic?

Yes, they are. When they disparage and deny others their
self-reliance, when they refuse to play by the rules, when they 
steal archival documents, when they disrespect the concept of 
resistance to destructive change, resistance to real justice in 
America, when they move to silence opposing views, when they 
become underhanded and go behind our backs in legislation and in 
courts, including destroying protections of the Fifth Amendment, 
and when they are so evidently against our way of life in the very 
erasing of U.S. history - even though they benefit so very much 
from these values - then, they are most unpatriotic.

Americans would not do this to other Americans.

John Longenecker is author of The Battle We Fight, available at 
booksellers. His website is

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