Softening on eminent Domain? csd_1212 at JUNO.COM
Mon Jul 25 21:04:52 MDT 2005

No, that is it- They can still apply the law properly - I am sure it was JUST A COINCIDENCE that they settled with their Lt Gov by giving him TWICE what the property was worth - or even more compared to his tax assessment.

I do wonder if someone who WASN'T the Lt. Gov. would have the law applied properly (& generously! ) in THEIR case...

Thanks for taking the time to work this through !
>Instead of just taking his land for private use here they have a valid 
>public use - but pay double since it is a politically connected individual...
>Didn't mean to confuse !

But you did confuse. The law is being applied exactly as intended as far as 
I can see (again the questionable offer not withstanding). What am I missing?

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