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>  Life and how to live it, Part II
> Mike S. Adams
> www.townhall.com <http://www.townhall.com/> July 27, 2005 It was 
> almost midnight when I decided to make two difficult phone calls
> the next morning. The first would be to Patti. I would apologize 
> for
> sending an email to her daughter that said the constitution 
> protected
> her speech just as it had protected "bigoted, unintelligent, and
> immature speech for many years." Patti (a professor) and her 
> husband (a former professor) both thought I
> had libeled their daughter (a student) by expressing that opinion 
> in a
> private email. They were wrong about that. They also thought 
> their
> daughter's email (the one that prompted my response) blaming the 
> attacks
> of 9/11 on the United States was fully protected by the U.S.
> Constitution. They were right about that. The second phone call 
> would be to the university attorney. After
> resisting for weeks, I decided to capitulate to Patti's demand 
> that I
> allow the university to examine all of the emails I sent that 
> week in
> order to search for additional evidence of "libel" against her 
> daughter.
> This would involve going into my email account as well as 
> examining the
> university's back-up tapes. It would also require reading some of 
> my
> private email correspondence. All of this came about because a 
> leftist family thought that
> anti-American rhetoric was free speech while criticism of 
> anti-American
> rhetoric was "libel." And they were threatening to sue. But 
> before I got to the phone the next day, it rang and I answered. 
> It
> was a friend of mine who was active in the local Republican 
> Party. I
> told him about throwing in the towel despite my previous attempts 
> to
> stop the forced examination of my email account. Even though the 
> State
> Attorney General was involved and was resisting the efforts to 
> forcibly
> read my emails (there were serious concerns over the precedent it 
> would
> set), I was still worried about the impact a lawsuit might have 
> upon my
> career. That was why I was ready to capitulate. But my friend 
> told me I was making a big mistake. He predicted that the
> case would soon break out in the nation media. He also predicted 
> that
> the case would blow up in the faces of Patti and her family. And 
> he
> predicted a black eye for the university if they actually went 
> into the
> account without my consent. But that would require standing firm. 
> So I changed my mind again and
> decided to stand firm. Eventually, my vocal objections to reading 
> my personal emails were,
> indeed, vetoed by the university. They decided to go into the 
> account.
> Then they turned over detailed records of who I had been 
> communicating
> with - including the personal email addresses of everyone I 
> talked to
> via email for an entire week. Those records were given to Patti 
> and her
> family. And, naturally, no evidence of "libel" emerged. Shortly 
> thereafter, a firestorm of controversy broke out. It was all
> made worse by the fact that administrators at my school lied 
> about what
> had really happened. They lied (to columnist John Leo, no less) 
> saying
> that my emails were never examined and then they lied (to scores 
> of
> people who emailed the school on my behalf) saying that they 
> never
> turned over any records to my accusers. Then, they paid a dear 
> price for
> it. After the story got mention in U.S. News & World Report, the 
> Washington
> Times (and on NPR, Rush, and Neal Boortz), I felt a sense of
> vindication. It was also fun to appear live on Hannity & Colmes 
> to
> discuss the case. It was even more fun when Alan Colmes took my 
> side and
> tried to get the ACLU involved. Isn't it funny how that all 
> worked out? The little communist family
> tried to sue me, to destroy my reputation, and to end my career. 
> But I
> ended up getting a book deal, a column, and speaking contracts 
> instead.
> Rather than losing my house and my guns, I now have a bigger 
> house and
> more guns than ever before. I usually don't like to gloat, unless 
> I'm dealing with communists. Then,
> I really don't mind gloating at all. And, today, what has 
> happened to the poor young America-hater who was
> "libeled?" Where are her totalitarian parents? Does anyone ever 
> call
> them to get their perspectives on free speech issues? Is her 
> daddy still
> an unemployed communist trying to rebuild the Berlin Wall in his
> infinite spare time? I don't know the answer to all these 
> questions but I suspect that the
> family is still hiding under a rock somewhere, not unlike Osama 
> Bin
> Laden. But the more important question is this: What would have 
> happened
> to me, had I made those two cowardly phone calls? If you do not 
> do that which you know is right, you will never know what
> kind of happiness and peace of mind you might have attained in 
> this
> life. So, please, take the time to re-read "Life and how to live 
> it,
> Part I 
> <http://www.townhall.com/columnists/mikeadams/ma20050726.shtml>
> ." I'll be writing Part III by the time you finish reading this
> sentence.
> (c)2005 Mike S. Adams
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