Those peaceful moslems

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It won't have to be arranged.  EVERYWHERE Islamic
immigration (invasion) occurs, violence, intolerance,
upheaval and demands for overarching deference 
follows. Everywhere.

The vanguard of an actual revolt lies curled
15,000,000-strong in the soft belly of France.  China,
too, has large and restive numbers of the Religion of
Peace ensconced like dormant parasites among her
people.  Additionally, China, like Russia, has Islamic
neighbors, ready and willing to aid, abet and/or
foment when the time comes. 

>From the beginning, Islam has spread through
unmitigated violence, not through missionaries
spreading the word, not through emissaries winning
minds through logic, not through the appeal of a
religion that demands total control of the masses by
the few secure in the mosques of the imamocarcy.

The days of French and Chinese violent acts approach
with the implacable surety of death.


--- Carl <cwsiv_2nd at> wrote:

> On Fri, 2005-07-22 at 08:19, Thomas Matiska wrote:
> > Let's see....
> >  
> > Dual attacks in London,
> >  
> > Train bombing in Spain, 
> >  
> > Theater massacre in Russia,
> >  
> > Hotel bombing in Bali........ etc etc 
> >  
> > They may as well attack France and China so all 7
> billion people on
> > the planet will see just how right Israeli has
> been for the last 50
> > years.      
> How do you propose to arrange that?  BTW do not
> leave out the UN.
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