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At 07:46 PM 7/29/2005, you wrote:
>With all due respect, I believe that Mr. May has fallen for the mistaken 
>belief that Islam is a religion.  On sufficiently close examination it is 
>revealed as a political system with religious trappings.  It could be 
>called a theocracy.  It is not the pure religion, as we see in other 
>belief systems because it does not believe in a separation of divine 
>doctrine from political matters.  It teaches that divine law governs the 
>political, and that any political system which does not adopt its ways is 
>In some respects, this reminds me of medieval Catholic practice, where the 
>church wielded tremendous influence over political activities on 
>occasion.  However, the Protestant Reformation, and the Enlightenment 
>enabled Western Civilization to achieve the balance between secular and 
>sacred.  It might be considered an adaptation of the scriptural admonition 
>to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's.
>The most important thing missing from May's analysis is that Islam, from a 
>structural point of view has never recognized the separation. While 
>Islamists may be violent and others may not be, they still preach and 
>believe the same doctrine, whether or not they actively participate in 
>violence, terrorism, or attempts to subvert politically established 
>As a possible parting shot on this subject, I was informed by Arabic 
>historian Kirk Sowell that the single reason why Muslims kill apostates is 
>because to leave their system is to commit political treason.  The same 
>reason why Benedict Arnold was hanged.  The logic is inescapable, I believe.

If the separation of divine doctrine and political matters is a requirement 
for a belief system to be called a religion then religion does not exist by 
definition. Even in the US, incorrect SCOTUS rulings not withstanding, the 
foundation of this country is built on Judeo-Christian philosophy. While it 
is not based on doctrine it is impossible to separate the religious 
influence on its founding. Certainly the religious background (or lack of) 
of elected officials, cannot be isolated from their political philosophy. 
What really separates Islam from true religions is that it is based on myth 
and teaches vengeance. While it started out recognizing most of the old 
testament the mythical prophet Mohammed (there is no evidence at all he 
existed) was introduced and perverted the very basis of the old testament; 
the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not a vengeful God but a forgiving 
one. Christianity, on the other hand is based on the proven existence of a 
philosopher/prophet named Jesus, who was indeed scourged and crucified by 
the Romans. It may be arguable whether or not He is the Messiah (that is 
the faith based part) but His existence is a reality. Now the crux of the 
difference. While all religions have been intolerant of other beliefs, none 
have an established doctrine of killing those of a different faith except 
Islam. When those of opposing religions were killed it was because of the 
intolerance of men, not their religious doctrine. Only Islam has made 
murder a condition of admission to heaven and that the Koran teaches this 
is undeniable in spite of politically correct attempts to characterize it 
as the "religion of peace." Most Muslims ignore this part of the Koran but 
as much as they might deny it, it is there.

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