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As most of you know. I rarely cut and paste articles, but once in a while one comes along that I find compelling enough to advance for your attention. This one of those articles.

I might say, "Enjoy," but no.  I don't think so.


By Jim Brown
May 3, 2005

A Massachusetts pro-family group is planning to hold a statewide rally in support of a Christian parent who was recently arrested and hauled off to jail after raising objections to pro-homosexual curriculum and discussions in his son's kindergarten class.

Lexington parent David Parker had scheduled a meeting with the principal of Estabrook Elementary School and the town's director of education.  His reason for the meeting was to once again ask that his six-year-old son be opted out of classroom discussions and curriculum endorsing homosexual "marriage."  When the school officials told Parker they did not have the authority to grant him that parental right, he said he would not leave until the request was granted.

Parker was then handcuffed and arrested by Lexington police, and forced to spend a night in jail.  Brian Camenker, who heads the Article 8 Alliance, was with Parker at the time of the arrest.

"To watch a man go through this in America is a very, very frightening thing," Camenker states.  "There is some bad stuff going on, and this [incident] is a direct result of the gay marriage ruling in Massachusetts."

Arrest and incarceration, says Camenker, were only the beginning.  He says Parker was also unjustly banned from the campus by the superintendent of Lexington schools.

"He's not only charged with trespassing, but [the superintendent has] given official notice that [Parker] may not go on any school property in the entire town -- even to pick up his kid in emergencies," the Alliance spokesman says.  Camenker explains that if Parker is found on any school property, he will be arrested immediately.  "You know, they're very arrogant and hostile about this," he adds.

Chapter 71, Section 32A of the General Laws of Massachusetts state that parents or guardians shall have the right to exempt their children from curriculum that involves human sexual education or human sexuality issues by making such a request in writing to the school principal.  Parker had requested such numerous times via e-mail before the meeting at which he was arrested.

Camenker's group plans to hold a statewide rally in support of Parker on May 15.  His attorney, Harvey Silvergate, maintains Parker's son was subjected to "coercive indoctrination" by being required to remain in the classroom.  There is a difference, the attorney says, between "academic education" and "socialization or indoctrination."

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