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I contracted whooping Cough in November last year.  I was sick, and I mean SICK, with this awful, relentless, debilitating disease for 14 weeks and I wound up in a hospital for 8 days with a complication of pneumonia.  I almost didn't make it.  My lungs had to be irrigated and the IVs were pumping more antibiotics into me than I ever knew existed.  I was so weak, so depleted from lack of sleep, so sick that I actually wanted to die.

Naturally, I did some research on whooping cough after I was well enough.  The disease is increasing in incidence every year and has been for many years.  Part of the problem is thought to be due to the fact that the old DTP (Diptheria, Thyphoid, Pertussis) shots that most, if not all, of us got as kids are starting to wear off -- at least the "P" part.  Pertussis, as whooping is called by we intellectualoids, used to kill between 5,000 and 10,000 per year before the vaccine.  Now it's making a comeback.

Do illegal aliens, undocumented and not innoculated against anything, bring pertussis and other large, friendly diseases across the Rio Grande with them?  Why, heaven forefend that anyone could even THINK such a thing!


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Is the air in Phoenix as bad as Southern California yet?  With that many people in the area 100 cases doesn't sound too bad, or is it?.


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> I just heard on the radio that in Phoenix there have been over 100 cases
> of whooping cough this year. Why is this happening in a major American
> city at a time when a vaccine has been available for decades? Has anyone
> heard of this happening in other cities? One has to wonder if this is
> happening because of illegal aliens who never got their shots in Mexico.
> I'm guessing it's either that or due to these wackos who fell for the
> bullship about vaccines causing birth defects or autism.
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