Suspended for talking to his mom

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Sat May 7 06:30:44 MDT 2005

My daughter calls and texts me often during school, but she will definitely
get in trouble for it. I figure, what saved those kids in Columbine etc were
the kids that had cellphones. When we took our last vacation, I also
insisted that when they split us into 2 groups, we had cellphones. I don't
care what the rules are. I think in this day and age, it's important. And
those people in Georgia have no heart.

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Recently a Georgia high school student was suspended from school. His
crime: using his cell phone during his lunch hour to take a call from
his mom who is stationed in Iraq.

Boy Suspended for Talking to GI Mom
Friday, May 06, 2005

*COLUMBUS, Ga. - A high school junior has been suspended for the rest of
the school year for refusing to end a cell phone call to his mother who
is a soldier in Iraq.*


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