pool fences

John blueoval at 1SMARTISP.NET
Mon May 9 06:33:22 MDT 2005

Agreed...........you point out parental laziness - an
all-too-prevalent situation in modern society. I've got that
happening next door to me. My elderly neighbor passed on (at 94),
so his wife (93) sold the house and moved into an elderly assisted
living complex. Anyway, she sold the house to - and I hate to be
judgemental here - the local version of the Beverly Hill Billies.
They have lived most of their lives in a trailer park until now,
their son drives a monster Chevy 4 x 4, and you tend to wonder
where the money to buy a $160k house suddenly came from.

Their grandchildren are under six years of age, wander everywhere
(pretty much unencumbered by Mom & Dad or Grandma & Grandpa's
rules) and are a horrible influence on my eight year-old. One day,
one of the grandkids from next door came right into my kitchen -
unannounced - and decided to make himself at home. Although it was
a long time ago, I was *NEVER* that bold at the same age.

John Q.

On Sun May 08 23:14:30 PDT 2005, Jim
<jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET> wrote:

> John wrote:
>> Another clear sign of brain damage, Jim. That's the long and
>> short of it. That's like a group of people pooling their money
>> together to buy a major league sports franchise, yet depending
>> on public tax money to build them a new playing facility. Not a
>> lick of common sense in that, either.
>> John Q.
> The way I figure it, the legal requirements for pool fences
> should be abolished.  I should not be responsible for protecting
> my neighbour's stupid little brat.  If mum and dad are too lazy
> to watch their little brats, I should not be required to do their
> job for them.  After all if they respected other peoples'
> property rights they would teach their little monsters not to go
> wandering into someone else's yard without permission.

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