At least somebody still has some b....

Carl cwsiv_2nd at HOTPOP.COM
Wed May 11 21:47:45 MDT 2005

Looks like both employers are tacitly admitting they hire wetbacks
perhaps these companys should not be hired for work in the city as they
have so little loyalty to America.  Would that the local hospitals and
hotels had the guts to fire their wetbacks.

On Tue, 2005-05-10 at 22:48, Jim wrote:
> Today in Arizona some wetback advocacy group staged a protest.  They
> were protesting proposition 200 as well as pending legislation that
> would deny more of our tax money to illegal aliens.
> Organisers of the protest were calling on all Latinos to not buy
> anything today or go to work.  According to reports in the local media,
> some businesses had to close today because their employees didn't show up.
> I was listening to a local talk show today.  A caller said that her
> employer has one of those automated press 1 for whatever, press 2 for
> something else answering machines.  She said the boss put a message on
> it saying that any employees who didn't show up for work today would be
> fired.  I also heard one report today of the owner of a sand and gravel
> company who said his employees that don't show up today won't have jobs
> tomorrow.
> GOOD!  At least there are a few people in this state that still have
> some balls.

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