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Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Mon May 16 06:55:49 MDT 2005

Weekends have been slow for a while here, but mine came to a stop on Friday the 13th.

 My home computer refused to go online.  Had to restore an old version to get online  then spend a few hours down loading "upgrades".  (I like the irony of  going  to AT&T's online help site to fix a connection problem.... duh what's next?   Braille instructions on video tape?)

Broadband at work went out (supposedly T-storms caused T1 lines problems).  Then my cell phone wouldn't connect to my email because  AT&T  didn't have a valid site certificate.

Just my bad luck or has Friday the 13th become a computer virus holiday?  Anyone else have problems?


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> I'm just wondering if there is a problem.
> DD
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