Penn's Woods And Firearms Rights

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Thu May 19 13:27:58 MDT 2005

>HARRISBURG -- A gubernatorial advisory panel yesterday recommended tougher penalties for people >who violate Pennsylvania's gun laws but declined........

We already have laws against killing people with a gun, and what could be tougher than a death penalty?   Except that for 24 years the current and former governor have declined  to enforce the death penalty against George Banks for the ruthless cold blooded murder of 13 innocents.

>Philadelphia Mayor John Street says the law has stymied efforts by the state's largest city to curb the gun >violence that has grown rampant this year.

This year?   How about the last four or five decades?   The two executions in this state since 1966  amount to one simple fact:  A police officer in Philly has more chance of being killed in the line of duty than a convicted murderer has of being executed.

>"These are sensitive issues, and there was not a consensus," he said.

How about a consensus to enforce existing laws, and punish convicted mass murderers like George Banks?

>..... called the decision "a shame" and criticized the Legislature for "passing the buck on this for years."

I think it is a shame that death by execution is the third leading (or least?) cause of death on death row, after natural causes and inmate violence.

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