A plunger won't work- Try Dietary Profiling!

csd_1212@juno.com csd_1212 at JUNO.COM
Thu May 19 14:47:40 MDT 2005

Simple!  To avaid a moslem plumber tell the plumber it is a half a ham you were flushing - a pork eater will think you are an idiot, but that's the price you pay for dietary profiling! !

Charlie Darling

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-- Jim <jnantz2 at 216-19-216-108.GETNET.NET> wrote:
Inspired by the recent Newsweek article, I tried flushing a Koran down
my toilet.  The dammed thing got stuck and the plunger won't move it.
Maybe I should call a plumber.  No, I might get a Moslem plumber.  Any

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