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Washington Secrets
by Dr. M. Sidney Wallace

At a recent media availability period, (Democrat and media
political pep rally), Senator Reid said that anyone interested in
their government, should go upstairs and see all the "dirt" that
government investigators had accumulated on individuals awaiting
confirmation by the Senate.  I took Senator Reid at his word and
looked at a bouquet of confidential personnel folders compiled by
various investigative governmental agencies and your Democrat
Party. I not only found out very interesting information about the
judicial candidates, but I also looked over a few files on some
very interesting Congressmen and Senators. They had even salvaged
files from the Clinton Whitehouse. Here are some of the juicier
tidbits that you might like to know.

Judicial nominee Priscilla Owens has been rumored to attend church
on a regular basis. The Democrat Party knows that anyone who
listens to such treasonous talk on a regular basis, cannot have a
flexible moral compass and therefore should be rejected as an
appellate court judge.

Judicial nominee Janice Brown made judicial decisions on a purely
anti-racial basis in a California case where she upheld the
mandate of the people against judicial reform (activism). Your
Democrat Party is not willing to let one single judge overturn 50
years of judicial progress at correcting what the party feels are
the problems of this nation. The Democrat Party feels that the
population is too uninformed and irrational to correctly decide
what is best for them and should never question anyone sitting on
a federal court.

There are volumes of documents that indicate Representative Tom
Delay has participated in many meetings where techniques for mass
killing were discussed. It is reported that he was actually
involved in the wholesale demise to thousands. Is it little wonder
why your Democrat Party wants his records exposed to the public?

I had to search for the documents that reflects that Senator
Robert Byrd has met secretly with radical white-supremacists
leaders to discuss how to put the black man back in his place. On
several occasions, these groups have discussed the use of violence
to achieve their ultimate objective. Additional rumors indicating
that Senator Byrd once owned a flammable cross building facility
could not be substantiated.

Senator, and presidential also ran, John Kerry is rumored to have
participated in foreign war. This participation is unsubstantiated
because he is not willing to release his full military record.

Senator Patrick Leahy has the cleanest file of all. It seems that
even the Senate will not let anything classified near him in any

Senator Reid needs to find a way to have this information released
to the public. If Senator Leahy were in charge there would be a
national day of revelation.

The American people need to know what goes on behind closed doors
and your Democrat Party is just the organization to stand up and
tell you exactly what they want you to know.

If you want copies let me know.

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